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This app allows you to create anonymous surveys, where you can ask the opinion of other people about your faces visible in some photos which you upload in the app.

In this way you can for example select four photos of your face and ask completely anonymously to other users, in which face you seem to be more intelligent, funny or other adjectives.

It is not possible in any way to upload photos where the subject is not the face of a person.

Facial recognition is offered through the Microsoft Face Recognition Service (Microsoft Cognitive Services).

Before you create a poll, you need experience points(XP) which you gain answering at the other users polls or purchasing XP in the app store.

By using this app you accept the following terms of service, responsabilities policies as well as the privacy policy.

If in responding to other users' polls you find offensive content and that violates our policy, please report the content as offensive within the app. You can do this by selecting the menu in the top or bottom bar of the survey.

FaceBot Policy on Rights and Responsabilities

1.1.1) Age Restriction 

You will not use FaceBot if you are under 13. (outside of U.S., under the age of 14)

1.1.2) Content Regulation 

As we said users can only share content about photos where a face is visible and recognized by Microsoft Face Recognition technology. Photos which do not contain faces are rejected by our app.
In any case, before you create a poll, be sure to not violate these conditions. The photo must include only your face and you need to be sure that you avoid posting:
- Content that depicts explicit sex acts
- Content that depicts or encourages excessive violence or other dangerous conduct
- Content that includes or encourages threats, harassment or bullying
- Content that includes or encourages sexual abuse of children
- Content that promotes hatred of a particular group based on race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, medical or genetic condition.
- Content that is improperly depicted in a natural disaster, cruel act, physical conflict, death or other tragedy
- Content promoting illegal activities
- Content that infringes the intellectual property rights of others User-Generated Content Management and Responsibility 

- We may remove content created by you or restrict your use of the Service at any time in accordance with our Service Rules, Operational Policies and applicable laws.
- You are solely responsaible for the content you create. Please keep in mind that your device ID and activity records and materials within the service may be submitted to law enforcement agencies in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
- Your content may be screened at any time by us or other users before posting, and passing the screening before publication does not guarantee that your content is in compliance with the content regulation.
- The app automatic remove content reported as offensive by the other users


This privacy policy governs your use of this software applications ("Application") for mobile devices, PC and tablets that was created by ANDREA TESTA (RoboBot Studio). 

Last Updated: April, 2018

Protecting your privacy is really important to us. With this in mind, we're providing this Privacy Policy to explain our practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information that we receive through our apps.




The Application obtains the information you provide when you download the Application for Ads purpose and analytics usage. Additional informations are required in order to create an account. Account Registration with us is optional and only available in some apps.

2.1 Technical Information And Data 

We collect technical data necessary for you to use our App and additional technical data that enables us to maintain and analyze the functioning of the App, to personalize the content of the App, and to display advertisements.
We automatically obtain certain information about your computing device, including:

- Country code;
- IDFAs, IDFVs, Advertising IDs;
- Language; Locale (specific location where a given language is spoken);
- Time zone, session start/stop time,
- Network status (WiFi, etc.), browser plug-in types and versions;
- User agent string (UA), platform, SDK version, timestamp;
- Technical device information (e.g. device model and name, operating system name and version, CPU information, storage size, screen size, firmware, software, mobile phone carrier, Internet service provider, API key identifier for application, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) on Android, Android ID, Android Serial No);

3.2) Advertising And Application Usage Information And Data

When you use our Apps, we may collect additional information by using device identifiers that permit identification of your device. Such information is used for advertising and analytics purposes.
The information collected includes:
- Which advertisements are shown;
- Length of time an advertisement is visible and the size of the advertisement;
- Advertisement response (if any), including clicks on ads;
- Angle of view;
- Application usage information, (how often you use the app, for how long you use the app, the events that occur within the app, in-app location, in-app purchases you make and their value, aggregated usage, performance data, life time value of user etc.).

3.3) Personal Information

In order to create a poll and ask opinions at the other users, you have to upload at least 4 photos. The uploaded photos are associated with your account and saved in Microsoft Azure Storage.

When you create a poll and you publish it, the other users can start to see the photos you selected and answer at the question which you choosed.

If you wish that your photos and are no longer visible to other users, you can simple delete them within the app and automatically photos will also be removed from Microsoft Azure Storage and in all polls where you have used them.

The interaction with other users is completely anonymous. There is no direct interaction with other users.

Face Detection is offered through Microsoft Cognitive Service.

We also collect persistent identifiers (such as IDFA, IDFV, Advertising ID). Persistent identifiers are identifiers that do not identify you personally, but may uniquely identify your device. Some legislation (such as US) may treat such information that uniquely identifies your device as personal information.

3.3.1) Account Registration (Optional) 

Account Registration with us is optional. However, please keep in mind that you may not be able to use some of the features offered by the Application unless you register with us.

When you register an account with us and use the Application, you generally provide (a) your name or nickname, email address or username, password. We do not share this information with anyone and we do not use your email for any commercial, marketing or other purposes.

The account is mainly used to allow you to synchronize purchases made, or upgrades earned while using our apps, in your different devices where you may want to use the app.

As already mentioned, the account is optional.

Unused accounts are deleted after two years. If you wish to cancel your account immediately, you need to log off within the app and send us an email to Your account will be deleted as soon as possible. Once your account has been deleted, you will get an email which warn you about it. You will not get any other email from us and your email will be deleted from our systems.

3.3.2) Face detection feature 

Face detection functionality is offered using Microsoft Cognitive Services. We do not save in our system users faces photos or share it with others.

You can read more about Microsoft Cognitive Services here: Microsoft Cognitive Services Info

3.3.3 Photo storage 

The uploaded photos are associated with your account and saved in Microsoft Azure Storage.

If you wish that your photos and are no longer visible to other users, you can simple delete them within the app and automatically photos will also be removed from Microsoft Azure Storage and in all polls where you have used them.

2.3.3) Cookies App Site 

We do not use cookies in our app sites.


We cannot provide all services necessary for the successful operation of the Apps by ourselves. We must therefore share collected information with third parties, including analytics providers, tracking providers, third party advertising providers and other third party service providers that support the Apps (collectively referred to as 'Partners'). We may share information that can be used to personally identify your device (e.g. persistent identifiers such as IDFA, IDFV, advertising ID and IP address) for the purposes of delivering our services, displaying advertisements, conducting analysis and research and for measuring our and our Partners's advertising campaign performance. We may share such information to:

- OUR ANALYTICS PROVIDERS: For some Apps we use third party analytics such as Flurry Analytics, HockeyApp and Firebase Analytics for the purposes of delivering our services, conducting analysis and research. To get more information about how your data is being collected and processed you can visit the site 'How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps' located at Additionally we have also integrated Google Play Developer Console data like Impressions, Downloads, and Traffic Sources into a Google Analytics account to see how many times people viewed or downloaded our apps from Google Play. The device data we share with such providers are encoded. The providers may assign a random ID to these data and they are not able to match it back to You. Third party analytics providers have the right to process the data in accordance with their privacy policies ( and such collection and processing is limited to the disclosure in aggregated manner, for the purposes of showing trends about the use of their services, for advertising services and marketing purposes. We can aggregate the data for benchmarking feature.

- OUR CLOUD SERVICE PROVIDERS: We store information we collect from you on servers provided by our third party cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure Mobile Services;

- THIRD PARTY ADVERTISING PARTNERS: We have contracted with certain third party advertising networks that assist us in delivering advertising to you that allows us to continue offering the Apps for free or at low cost. Please see more in Advertising Section of this Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to disclose your information (including personally identifiable information) in response to law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from public and governmental authorities within or outside your country of residence. We may also disclose information about you if we determine that for purposes of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance, disclosure is necessary or appropriate. We may also disclose information about you if we determine that disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce our terms and conditions or to protect our operations, users or user experience. Additionally, in the event of a reorganization, merger or sale we may transfer any and all information (including personally identifiable information) we collect to the relevant third party.

For any additional questions about third party information collection please refer to


We strive to adhere to the generally accepted industry practices regarding the collection and the usage of information by our Partners and to limit their usage to the services they provide for us. They adhere to this Privacy Policy, but in some cases we must use their privacy policies. We strive to commit our Partners to using the information solely for the purposes as stated in this Privacy Policy. Notwithstanding the above, we cannot guarantee that our Partners will adhere to the contractual obligations or acceptable business practices. While we strive to protect the information provided to our Partners, we have no direct control over their use of the collected information and therefore you acknowledge that we are not liable for any third party privacy breach and that our liability for our Partner breaches is limited to the amount we are able to receive as indemnification from our Partners (legal costs exempted).


When you use our Apps we may display contextual advertisements to you. In order to enable advertising we allow our advertising partners to collect online identifiers (such as Advertising ID on Android and IDFA on iOS) that might be considered as personal information under some legislations, but they should use it solely for the purposes of contextual advertising. For any other purposes they should use the information solely on anonymized and aggregated basis. For some territories, we may use and share with our advertising partners technical and advertising and application usage information we collect from you (please see Information and Data We Collect From You Section of this Privacy Policy) in order to enable our advertising partner to deliver, target and optimize third party advertising in our Apps, so that the advertisements you see are more relevant to you and are based on your app and device usage, online behavior and interests (this is commonly referred to as online behavioral or interest based advertising, i.e. IBA). In addition, we may use and share such information with our advertising partners in order to target and optimize our advertising and promotions in our and other publisher's apps. We will always follow applicable legislation and accepted market practices, thus we will not use and share information for the purposes of behavioral advertising for users who did not pass the age gate in our Apps and for those who opted-out of IBA. For more information on behavioral advertising and our IBA providers please see Interest-Based Ads Section of this Privacy Policy. For opting out from sharing your information and data for the purposes of behavioral advertising please visit Opt-Out Section of this Privacy Policy.


You are always free to opt out from the future collection of your device information or personal information used to register an account by RoboBot Studio (Andrea Test apps) in accordance with this Privacy Policy by uninstalling all the Apps from each of your computing devices or using one of the available OPT-OUT options.

6.1) Account OPT-OUT

As already mentioned, register an account is optional.

Unused accounts are deleted after two years. If you wish to cancel your account immediatly, you need to log off within the app and send us an email to Your account will be deleted as soon as possible.

6.2) Opting Out From Analytics

6.2.1) Flurry Analytics 

We use Flurry Analytics in Android and iOS apps. You can opt-out from flurry analytics at this address or uninstalling the app: Flurry Analytics Opt out

6.2.2) HockeyApp 

We use HockeyApp in Windows 10 apps. HockeyApp do not track personal information for analytic usage.

HockeyApp does not collect any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on their servers. You can read more here:

HockeyApp Policy

6.3) Opt out of seeing personalized ads 

6.3.1) Admob 

You can opt out of seeing personalized ads where used following instructions and this address:

AdMob Opt out personalized ads


Our Apps enable in-app purchases. We do not process payments for in-app purchases nor have access to your credit card information. Payment transactions for in-app purchases are completed through the app store via your app store account. Any post-purchase processes are controlled by the app store and are subject to specific terms of such app store.


When information is no longer needed, we shall delete it using reasonable measures to protect the information from unauthorized access or use.


We do not use the Application to knowingly solicit data from or market to children under the age of 13. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with information without their consent, he or she should contact us at We will delete such information from our files within a reasonable time.


We are concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your information. We provide physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect information we process and maintain. For example, we limit access to this information to authorized employees and contractors who need to know that information in order to operate, develop or improve our Application. Please be aware that, although we endeavor provide reasonable security for information we process and maintain, no security system can prevent all potential security breaches.


We will occasionally update this Privacy Policy as necessary to protect our users, furnish current information, and respond to legal and technical changes. The most current version of the Privacy Policy will govern our use of your information and will be available at /. Should you request so by informing us on, we will send you all the updates of this Privacy Policy to your e-mail. We will also inform you about any material updates of our Privacy Policy with an in-app banner and a link.


If you have questions or concerns about RoboBot Studio (alias Andrea Testa) Privacy Policy or information processing, please contact us through

RoboBot Studio (Andrea Testa) Privacy Policy, updated on April 2018.