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Latest Updates

February 28, 2018. Our new game Detective CrimeBot - Criminal Case, is now available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.
February 14, 2018. New Release. My Virtual Boyfriend: chat with a virtual companion, just as if he was real!
January 30, 2018. Gadgets of your Bots are now available on! T-shirts for men and women in different colors.
January 22, 2018. New workouts with difficulty level: beginner, intermediate, advanced. New free exercises for your workouts.

Featured Bots

FitBot is the ultimate solution for home fitness, your personal trainer that guides you with its voice in your daily workouts.
The future is in your hands with AstroBot: horoscope, tarot cards, numerology, chinese astrology, mayan astrology, celtic zodiac, gemstones.
In this face analyzer app you can measure your attractiveness and discover which are your best selfie using anonymous questions!
What good are friends if you can't occasionally bamboozle them with a good-spirited prank? Prank Tools, Magic tricks, funny jokes and much more inside this talking robot!